Smart Home Lighting System Staging Kit Design Ideas in Apple Valley, CA; Timers, Hue Integration, Automated Oudoor Lights, Motion Detector Sensors & More

If you have placed your home on the market to sell, you may have been advised by your real estate agent to stage your property by paying attention to the tiniest of details. Yet one of the biggest mistakes that sellers make is overlooking the lighting in their home. In fact, many sellers are surprised to learn just how important lighting can be when it comes to the way that potential buyers view their property. Place yourself in the buyer’s shoes and imagine your home through their eyes when you switch to a smart lighting system. Especially a system that is capable of cycling through different degrees of lighting to efficiently light up the space and adapt to all occasions.

Smart Bright & Lowlight Lighting Control System Options for Your Kitchen; Timers, Hue Integration & More

It is becoming more and more commonplace for rooms within a home to serve more than one purpose. Your kitchen for example is not just a place to cook and eat a meal, it is also a space for family members to meet up and enjoy each other’s company or work on projects together. Ideally, you will need two different types of lighting to effectively serve a multi-purpose space including bright light for cooking and working and subdued lighting for entertaining and eating. Bright lighting can be achieved by using brilliant overhead lighting combined with under-the-counter lighting and when you are ready to entertain, switching to lowlights over the dining area for a more relaxed atmosphere. Just think how much the buyer of your home will appreciate the versatility!

Living Room Lighting Design Ideas

Just like your kitchen, your living space plays many different roles. In some instances you will want to highlight your architectural accents, paintings or other statement pieces with directed up lighting. However, if you also use the area for reading, entertaining, and watching movies intense lighting can be overwhelming and distracting. Dual functionality lighting will give you the best of both worlds by allowing your family and guests to gather and experience lighting that can be adjusted to fit the mood. As an added incentive, prewiring your home is a great bonus for the buyer who can literally hook up audio and video equipment with a minimum of fuss.

Small Entrywall & Hallway Lighting Ideas; Wall Sconces, Motion Sensor for Lights & More

Just because you don’t spend a lot of time in them doesn’t mean your entryway and hallways should be neglected. It is possible to achieve an elegant look in this often ignored space with wall sconce two way lighting. A motion detector activated light system is also the perfect way to get the most out of your space especially when guests arrive at your home for the first time. Potential buyers find a home that can provide a combination of space and light a highly desirable purchase.

Eye-level and Overhead Lighting Guide for Bedrooms

Your bedroom is not just a place to rest and sleep; it’s also a place to read, work on the computer, and catch up on preparing your daily list of chores. Automated lighting set to your schedule can work wonders for the ambiance of the room. Use low overhead lighting combined with task lighting such as recessed can lights for reading, dim lights for bedside lamps when relaxing and resting, and bright overhead lights for serious computer work.

Automated Outdoor Lights to Welcome Guests & Deter Burglars

Your home should feel as inviting at night as it does during the day. Utilize your lights by setting them on a time setting to light up your walkways, porches and lighting over doors to offer a warm welcome to family and friends as they pass by not to mention potential buyers who may be canvasing your neighborhood for sale signs. As an added bonus, this also helps deter burglars and home invaders as well.

Home Automation Services & More in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

On The Go Audio offers a full range of home automation services that allow you the convenience of controlling not just your home theater system but also your home security, lighting and even your drapery at the touch of a button while you sit on your couch or drive in your car! To learn more about upgrading lighting in your home or any other of our home automation or other quality services, contact the knowledgeable experts at On The Go Audio today.