Home Theater System Upgrades & Installation

If you are interested in home theater installations for your living, family or home theater room for example, and whether retro fitting or for new construction; look no further than the knowledgeable experts at On The Go Audio. The electronics industry is constantly changing and at On The Go Audio, our professional installation technicians receive the most up-to-date training available to ensure they stay on the cutting edge of new technology in terms of both knowledge and experience in state of the art home theatre installations and upgrades!

Home Theater Installation Consultation Basics

When it comes to selecting visual and audio components the choices can be overwhelming. The experienced professionals at On The Go Audio will take the time to listen to your needs and design your system around those requirements. Some of the questions we may ask include: Do you or your family members listen to music more than you watch movies? Or is it the other way around? When you do listen to music, is it more for background noise or do you sit and immerse yourself in the sound?

Selection of Home Theater Components

In order to select the necessary equipment to fit your requirements, our expert installation specialists will evaluate the size of your space. If you are serious about your movies, the size of the room can affect how many speakers your system will require for your surround sound system. If the space is fairly small, for example 12 by 18 feet, a smaller sub-woofer and audio video receiver will work perfectly well for what you need. As a general rule, both room size and volume are major factors that contribute to the overall performance of your system.

Balancing Surround Sound Speakers & Sub-Woofer

Speaker selection is one of the most critical factors when it comes to your music and home theater playback. Your experienced On the Go Audio installation specialist will select equipment best suited to your requirements. For example, if music is your primary concern and you only watch movies occasionally then the majority of the focus will be in the front left and right speakers. Once we have identified your expectations we will select a range of equipment for you to choose from. To maximize your home theater enjoyment, your sub-woofer is one of the most integral parts of the equipment needed to deliver accurate control of your speaker system.

The way that you control your equipment is just as important as the equipment itself. At On the Go Audio we also offer home automation services which allow you the ease of enjoying your home electronics including your television, DVD or Blu-ray player, media player, receiver, and much more at the touch of a button.

Home Theater System Upgrades & Installation in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

For more information regarding professional home theater upgrades and installation in your California High Desert home, contact the knowledgeable experts at On The Go Audio today.