Electrical Prewiring of New Construction Residential Homes & Commercial Buildings

The knowledgeable experts at On The Go Audio understand the changing needs of our clients and receive continued education on new technology as it becomes available. The basic components however pretty much stay the same with high-definition TV, video/stereo equipment, and surround sound; being the most popular consumer products available. In today’s market, consumers have the luxury of syncing their systems with the internet to get immediate accesses to movies and TV shows through online apps at the touch of a button. The cost of a home theater system can vary depending on your choice of components, and one of the most important yet often neglected considerations is the quality and professional installation of the wiring. The wiring will not only determine the level of safety within the home but it will also have a very noticeable impact on the quality of sound and video that your system produces.

Low Voltage Electrical Prewiring for New Construction Residential Homes

To achieve maximum audio and sound, it is extremely important to ensure your home is properly wired before selecting your home theater system. At On The Go Audio, we provide prewiring services that are designed to give you the flexibility of upgrading and expanding your system whenever you desire. With our professional installation, you will have the necessary components in place that will allow you to safely control all of the automated systems within your home including your home theater system, burglar alarms, thermostats, lighting, window treatments & much more!

What Can Low Voltage Residential Prewiring Be Used For?

• Structured cabling & wiring
• Professional design and implementation of your wiring
• Data Wiring and Network Cabling Installation
• Audio/Video Cabling & Wiring and Much More!

Advantages of Modern Smart Wiring a New House for the Future

Prewiring Adds Property Value to Your Home: When you make the decision to prewire your home, you are also making the conscientious decision to increase the value of your property. When home buyers are looking at potential purchases, a home that is already prewired is more desirable as it will give them the options and flexibility they need to install their own home theater, communications and burglar systems.
Ability to Hide Wires: Our professional prewiring services give you the flexibility of concealing your wires along with creating a centralized area for cable wires. This feature gives you the ability to store equipment including receivers and amplifiers in one place.
Better Audio & Sound: Prewiring is the backbone of your entire home theater system. If the proper wires are not in place, you will likely not get the kind of superior performance you were hoping for, or possibly even worse; you may be unable to fulfill all of the convenience applications you desire such as controlling lighting and other features.
Easier to Prewire Now than Retrofit Lather: It is always best to plan for the future. It is much easier to prewire now than to have to retrofit electrical wiring later!

Upgrade to a New Home Theater System for your California High Desert Home

Once your pre-wiring is complete, you may be in the market to upgrade to a new home theater system. If you are considering purchasing a sleek flat screen television for example, the experts at On The Go Audio can help you select the best products to enhance the quality of your home viewing experience. Components to consider include display type, screen size, and resolution. Keep in mind it’s not just about providing your space with the best picture quality. It’s also about providing your space with the best quality sound imaginable. You can upgrade to a surround sound system that will project high-quality digital sound from all angles of the room. Surround sound is important because it adds a feeling of realism by placing you in the middle of the action that is happening on your television screen.

Commercial Prewiring Applications

When it comes to commercial property, wiring your building is essential for the success of your business. At On The Go Audio, our expert wiring installation specialists have both the knowledge and experience to design and install the infrastructure needed to successfully operate your business by providing viable solutions for all of your prewiring requirements.

Commercial Building Prewiring Services

• Cabling and wiring installation, design and implementation
• Data wiring and network cabling installation including Ethernet
• Telephone wiring
• Audio/video cabling and wiring
• Wired and wireless surveillance systems

Electrical Prewiring of New Construction Residential Homes & Commercial Buildings in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

For more information regarding prewiring design and installation for your California High Desert home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at On The Go Audio today!