Commercial Security Camera & CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

At On The Go Audio, we offer our residential and commercial clients the best of both worlds by taking the latest in video surveillance technology and combining it with exemplary customer services at affordable prices. Our installation specialists design and install systems using the best equipment and technology available on today’s market. With literally hundreds of options to choose from including the most basic to the most sophisticated video surveillance systems available, the experts at On The Go Audio will help you select the right system to fit your needs and budget.

Office Surveillance Systems Help Deter & Document Vandalism, Employee Theft & More in the Workplace

The professionals at On The Go Audio have over 30 years of experience delivering quality video surveillance solutions to businesses in the California Desert and surrounding areas. We understand the need for video surveillance and the many challenges faced by businesses on a day to day basis including liability, theft, vandalism and dishonest employees. Our comprehensive range of services includes upgrade and installation of video cameras, system configurations, installation support, wireless network design and much more. Benefits of video surveillance in the workplace include:
• Reduce annual theft losses
• Deter internal theft
• Monitor day-to-day operations
• Improve customer service
• Deter trespassers and vandals
• Decrease liability from unfounded claims & lawsuits

Surveillance for the Healthcare Industry; Hospital Patient Video Monitoring

The experts at On The Go Audio have a reputation for delivering video solutions and surveillance to customers in the healthcare industry including dental offices, clinics, doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmacies, and more. Our comprehensive systems are designed to protect against dishonest employees, theft, vandalism and liability suits. Our systems are designed to incorporate wireless network, installation, configuration and support. We work with you from start to finish to ensure that your customized video surveillance system is tailored to meet the specific needs of your healthcare organization. Benefits of surveillance in the healthcare industry include:
• Keeping patient identities & records secure
• Ensuring staff are meeting the required standards of safety
• Preventing intruders from gaining access to unauthorized areas
• Detering vandalism & other criminal acts
• Increasing safety for both patients and employees

Hotel, Entertainment & Hospitality Video Surveillance Systems

At On The Go Audio, our video surveillance experts have the necessary experience to professionally serve hotels, entertainment facilities, convention centers and much more! We can set up and install dependable video surveillance camera systems to protect your facility from day to day security threats. We design surveillance solutions to tackle threats including theft, crime and vandalism; while also placing a priority on public safety. On the Go Audio video surveillance offers the following benefits:
• Reducing business liability
• Effective monitoring of daily operations
• Increasing customer service
• Remote monitoring from tablets or smartphones
• Preventing theft and vandalism
• Detering criminal activity
• Detering dishonest and unscrupulous employees

Restaurant & Bars Security Camera & Surveillance

The skilled professionals at On The Go Audio are experienced with all aspects of the restaurant industry. We understand the daily threats that restaurant and bar owners face each day. From employee theft to patrons leaving without paying their bills, our comprehensive video surveillance systems are designed to highlight activity in your facility. You can use mobile access so you can keep appraised of what’s going on even when you are away from the business. The benefits of video surveillance for restaurants and bars include:
• Detering patrons leaving without paying their bill
• Monitoring patron flow and customer service
• Detering theft and vandalism
• Detering employee theft

Retail Store Surveillance & Security Cameras

The knowledgeable experts at On The Go Audio have extensive experience building video surveillance systems for the retail industry. We understand the internal and external threats that retail stores face including employee theft, shoplifting and credit card theft. With a professionally designed and installed On The Go Audio video surveillance system you can improve loss prevention and minimize theft. The benefits of installing retail security cameras and video surveillance include:
• Reducing the occurrence of internal and external theft
• Reviewing footage 24/7 remotely with your smart phone or tablet
• Detering shoplifters and unscrupulous employees
• Saving money by reducing annual theft
• Saving time by viewing video in real time from your smart phone or tablet

Commercial Security Camera & CCTV Video Surveillance Systems & More in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

For more information regarding video surveillance upgrades and installations contact the knowledgeable professionals at On The Go Audio today