Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities in Big Bear, CA; Cameras Help Deter Crimes, Protect Patient Health Information, Confidentiality & Privacy

When you or someone you love is staying in a healthcare facility for any reason, there are many protocols that are taken to ensure the health and safety of the patient. Tools are sterilized, hands are washed, forms and paperwork is filled out all to keep you and those you love safe. One area that On The Go Audio would like to discuss today is the importance of video surveillance in the healthcare industry and why it is necessary.

Ways to Protect Patient Health Information, Confidentiality & Privacy; Why it is So Important

A main concern for those that work in the healthcare industry is the confidentiality of the medical history on each of their patients. It is important that the areas where these sensitive records are kept is safe. Video surveillance will keep any intruder from gaining access to these records by alerting the proper authorities when it happens. If for some reason someone does find a way to get their hands on these records, there will be a way to catch the person that has done so.

Video Surveillance Ensures Staff Follow & Keep Workplace Safety Standards

There are several health and safety standards that must be met when you are dealing with the health of a patient. Video surveillance can ensure that staff are meeting those standards and not cutting any corners that could put patients at risk. This will not only keep patients safe, but will protect doctors and staff from liability lawsuits as well.

Security & Protection of Controlled Substances

At any given time, there are controlled substances at most healthcare facilities. It is important that those are kept safe for patients and staff alike. There are people who would love to get their hands on some of those drugs, and with the use of video surveillance, those strong and sometimes dangerous drugs are kept safe.

Surveillance Deters Theft of Healthcare Equipment & Medical Supplies

Supplies in a healthcare facility range from small things like cotton swabs to much bigger pieces of equipment like ultrasound machines. No matter what supplies are kept in the facility you want to keep them safe and reduce the risk of theft.

Wireless Remote Monitoring Surveillance

The ability to have remote monitoring is essential to the healthcare industry. This allows access to monitoring with the use of tablets and even phones, which allows surveillance of the facility around the clock. This adds another level of security to the facility and can be incredibly advantageous.

Surveillance Cameras Help Deter Vandalism & Other Crimes

Whenever a facility has video surveillance, it is a natural deterrent for vandalism and other criminal activity. It helps keep the facility and the area surrounding the building safe from possible criminal activity.

Increased Safety for Staff and Patients

Last, but not least, the safety of the staff and patients are of utmost importance. Surveillance can help your patients and staff rest easy that extra measures are being taken to ensure their safety.

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There are so many different areas in a healthcare facility that need to have the appropriate monitoring to keep supplies, staff and patients protected. On The Go Audio offers installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems that will do just that. Call us today!