Importance of Commercial Video Surveillance Safety & Security Measures as well as Temperature Control & Lighting Automation Systems in the Lake Arrowhead, CA Hotel Industry

When staying at a hotel, you have certain expectations. You expect your room to be clean and the linens to be crisp and folded ready for you. You may be expecting to have WiFi available for your convenience, but one of the biggest things you expect when staying at a hotel is safety. You expect to be able to sleep well knowing that you and your belongings are safe during your stay. On The Go Audio is here to talk about the importance of video surveillance and automation systems in the hotel industry.

Amp Up Safety & Security Measures in Hotels

When you have video surveillance installed in your hotel, you are increasing the security of your hotel tremendously. Many criminals will be deterred by the sight of video cameras, and you will see a decrease in criminal activity in your hotel. This will give your staff and guests a feeling of safety and security during their time at work or during their stay.

Monitoring Surveillance Improves Hotel Customer Service by Tracking Busiest Check-In Times Etc.

If you have a way of tracking the way you do business with the help of an automated security system, you will be able to see weaknesses in systems and places you can improve. This will help you pin point certain areas in customer service you can work on and better your business. You can see things like wait times at the front desk, times that have heavier traffic than others in the lobby, and much more.

Energy Consumption Improved with Automation

When running a hotel, you need to be aware of the energy consumption of the hotel. When you have complete control over things like the climate inside the building and lighting usage, you can be more aware of energy consumption and make improvements as needed. This also allows you to control an even, comfortable climate inside your building with adequate lighting of common areas for your staff and guests at all times.

State of the Art Surveillance Provides a Competitive Advantage in the Hotel Industry

In order to be competitive in the hotel industry, you need to have the right security system. This will give you an edge with customers and potential guests. If your guests know without a doubt, that you do everything in your power to create a safe environment for them during their stay, they will be more likely to choose your hotel over other options in the area.

Electronic Monitoring of Employees in the Workplace Increases Ethics & Productivity

When your staff knows and understands that they are essentially being watched with video surveillance throughout the day, studies have shown that they are more productive during their shifts. You will be able to monitor the amount of time it is taking to complete the tasks required to keep your business running and that can be a great productivity tool.

Commercial Security Camera & CCTV Video Surveillance Systems & More in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

If you have any questions about how you can improve the video surveillance and automation system in your hotel, On The Go Audio can help you answer them. It may be time to upgrade your system to better serve your customers and amp up your hotel business. Call us today!