Home Security System Installation Mistakes in Apple Valley, CA; Not Monitoring All Entry Points, Wrong Keypad Placement, Blocking Motion Detectors & More

Crime levels seem to be on the rise. Have you recently had a break-in? Is your family scared? Do you want to make sure your family is safe when you can’t be there? Consider installing a home security system. Whether you’re taking the task on yourself or hiring the professionals to do it, there are mistakes that can be made. These mistakes can make your system less effective than it should be, leaving your home vulnerable.

Common Mistakes Made with Home Security System Installation

1. Being unaware of all the ways burglars use to get into your home. Home security systems are created to detect and prevent unauthorized entry. You should choose a system based on all the ways a burglar may use to get inside. Example, some systems don’t cover the basement windows or access through the garage. Your security system is incomplete if these areas are ignored. You can make up for this by installing motion sensors for all the windows. You need to make sure that all entry points into your home are covered some way or another.
2. Installing the keypad right next to the door or window. There are a few reasons this is a mistake. Doing this allows burglars to peek inside to see if the system is armed or not. If it’s not, he can enter without any alarms being triggered. If the siren to your system is mounted next to the door or window, the burglar can try and tear it off the wall as soon as they get inside or they can get right to work to disable the system.
3. Unintentionally blocking motion detectors. After motion detectors have been placed, it’s important to make sure they’re not accidentally blocked. The motion detectors play an important part in the way your security system functions. Rearranging furniture and décor or objects can block the motion detectors making them useless. Wireless devices or microwaves can interfere with motion detectors because of crossed signals.
4. Not having enough cameras. This leads to not having enough coverage. Video surveillance cameras are more affordable than they used to be. If you choose to have them as an option, just make sure you’ll have enough of them to cover all the areas that may be at risk. Having one camera isn’t good enough if it can’t record everything you need it to. It may only cost a little bit more to have enough cameras installed, so make sure the cameras cover your home from top to bottom, front to back and side to side!
5. Ignoring physical home security out of a false sense of security. Many homeowners will neglect other security measures like deadbolts and the installation of outdoor lighting just because they’ve installed a security system. All windows and doors need strong locks. The best way to secure your home is to use several layers of security and all members of the family need to be involved and committed to the security of the home.

Burglar Alarm & Home Security System Installation in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

Once your system is installed, make sure all family members know exactly how to use the system. It needs to be armed each night and any time the home will be empty. Even if you will only be gone for a few minutes, set the alarm! Burglars don’t need long to get in and clean you out. Contact On The Go Audio for any questions you have about home security systems and install the one that will best suited to your home and family’s needs.