Best Deterrents for Burglars in Lake Arrowhead, CA; How to Protect & Secure Your Home with Burglar Alarms, CCTV Security Cameras, Exterior Lights & More

Burglary is the unlawful entry into a building to commit a crime, generally larceny. Most home burglaries occur during the daylight hours when the owner is at work. Business burglaries do predominantly occur at night when the business is closed. Burglaries tend to be directed at unoccupied buildings, and are a property crime. Home invasion is unlawful entry, usually forcibly, into an occupied dwelling usually with intent to commit a violent personal crime against an individual thus a crime against a person. Many home invasions include an element or connection to the illicit drug trade. Home invasions are on the rise throughout the United States.

Beat the Burglar Game; Physical Security

Physical security includes the strengthening of points of possible entry, doors and window. One of the most vulnerable areas is glass panels next to the front door. They are very easily broken allowing a reach through to undo deadbolts and door latches. Either ornamental iron work or a polycarbonate/plexiglass panels, these synthetic materials have high impact resistance, and can defeat most intruders. Ornamental iron with interior release in case of fire with shatter proof panes and metal screen security doors with help protect the home.

Home Security Burglar Alarms

Generally burglars are aware that even in alarmed buildings, home or business, there is at least a 15 minute lapse between the alarm and any response. Therefore most burglars are only on the premises for perhaps 10 minutes or less. They tend to hit the bedrooms. Most people keep their valuables close to them, and seemingly the most secure room is the bedroom and the first stop for a thief. Most burglaries are committed by persons under 18 and are usually male. Jewelry, firearms, coin collections, cash, and electronics are the primary coveted items.
Do to the restricted time available most thieves will not want to malinger in the area, or move to the backyard where they cannot be detected by nosey neighbors or a passerby. Home security can always be compromised, but they can delay a perpetrator gaining entry, and perhaps cause them to move-on. The more difficult the entry the more likely the suspect(s) will seek an easier target.

Psychological Defenses; Lights on Timers, Audible Alarms, Exterior Lighting & More

Psychological defenses play a part. Lights on timers, TV’s playing and security systems signs act as a deterrent. False audible alarms are the bane of security systems and can induce ire in the neighbors. Interior audible alarms have a psychological effect, raising anxiety, are irritating and if high volume physically uncomfortable. Suspect(s) cannot hear approaching response units and generally vacate the premises with only a cursory search or none at all.

Hidden & Prominent Outdoor Security Cameras

Cameras can act as a deterrent as well, and may provide the means to identify the perpetrators. Mounted in a sealed enclosure, with motion detection to activate the camera and lights they can record events of approach to the perimeter of the building. Any action that indicates that someone is home will usually deter illicit entry.

Burglar Alarms, Home Security Cameras, Surveillance & More in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

Many of us have integrated social media into our lives. When making posts think security. You can report your dream vacation after the fact. Don’t post you itinerary before you leave. There are many more tips for homeowners. Search the web, implement those that are affordable and progress towards securing you domicile. The experts at On The Go Audio will be happy to provide consultation, remedies and options for your home security needs. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.