Best Conference Room AV Design in Big Bear, CA; Installation of Audio Sound System & Speaker Microphones & Visual Video Conferencing Equipment Technology Setup

More and more employees work from great distances and often don’t always make it into the office. This is one of the reasons why more and more businesses will dedicate a conference room with AV (Audio and Video). In this day and age of high technology, it is becoming easier to acquire AV in many businesses and office settings. On The Go Audio will share how this modern equipment can be used and is beneficial to your company.

Conference Room Video Conferencing Equipment

The first consideration when designing and installing an AV system in a conference room is the video. There are two basic types of display methods that are easily available; one is projector and the other is flat screen TVs. Both have their own benefits. The choice will come down to the desire of the business owner. A projector covers a large space and costs less money than a flat screen TV. However, if your projector is on the cheaper side, the image may not be nearly as clear as the TV would and the amount of ambient light could also prove to be an issue. Flat screens may provide a much clearer picture. However, for larger conference rooms that seat more than 10 people, the smaller size of the TV might also be an issue. When it comes to choosing either a projector or TV, the size of the room and how much wall space is available should be a consideration. If you prefer TVs but the size of the room might be an issue, you can consider using multiple TVs. However, both are a great way to present graphs, power points, and any other visual aid that assists the office environment.

Conference Room Sound System, Speaker Microphones & Audio Setup

The next consideration for an AV conference room is the audio. The audio consists of mostly speakers and microphones that are ran on a computer. Again, the space is important to consider when setting the volume or what type of speaker is used. In a smaller space, too much noise can be damaging and distracting. Too little noise in a larger room creates strain on the employees who are listening and can lead to confusion. The audio is equally important as the video. Both speakers and microphone must fit the size of the room and the amount of noise pollution it will need to block out. The amount of speakers used and the amount of amp they produce must be calculated with the room size.

Custom Conference Room Audio & Video Design Consultations & Installations in Hesperia, Apple Valley, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead & California High Desert

At this point choosing the right equipment to the room size as well as light and noise pollution will help decide which is best for you. Placement must also be considered for the best picture and volume. However the lucky side for the business owner is that the AV installer comes with the knowledge as to which type of equipment is best for your conference room. Remember AV equipment is delicate and will require protection. They should have screen and speaker covers when not in use. On The Go Audio can expertly install commercial AV conference room and so much more. If your company is ready to join the modern age of technology, contact On The Go Audio today!